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About the Author

Copyright 2000-2004 Benjamin Marty
Distributed under the GNU General Public License

About the Author


I was born in Moorhead, Minnesota on January 2, 1975. Two years later my family moved to Vienna Austria and we lived various places in Europe for the next 7 years (mostly in Vienna), me attending the American International School and my parents working as teachers. After that it was about time to return "home" so we moved to Fargo, ND in 1984 (I think). Shortly thereafter I got my first computer -- a Franklin Ace 2100 (Apple ][ compatible). I fondly remember the early days of playing Aztec on that old thing. And there were hundreds of little BASIC test programs I wrote and saved on disk. I even got one program published in Contact magazine... I believe it was called "Bounce".

5 years later we moved to Holland, Michigan. I continued practicing programming in Applesoft BASIC at home (although I suppose the Franklin called it something else). When I got into high school I started taking Pascal and C programming courses. I moved on to hex/machine code on the Franklin. Then in about 1990 I got an Amiga 500 and started computing in the world of color.

I continued learning C throughout College at Hope College (mostly in their CS department). On my Amiga, I spent a couple years working in AmigaBASIC and then moved on to AMOS. I never did really get into C much on the Amiga. But I've done some interesting things in AMOS. The last and best thing I did on the Amiga was TechnoVenture (which can be found about the internet under the filename TV125b.lha -- it has recently been replaced on Aminet with a re-release of the full free version called TV125R.lha). I did make some interesting music using OctaMED, but I've never transferred those MODs to PC. Shortly thereafter I gave into the mainstream and bought a Micron PC. It didn't take long to get into Visual Basic 3.0 and Borland C.

I graduated from Hope in 3 years (in May 1996) and took the job I was working part time and went full time with it. I was working for a company (in Holland, MI) called The Title Office doing VB and C programming. That lasted the rest of the year, but then it was time for the family to move back home again after 8 years in Michigan.

So then we all moved to locations where we still live today in Minnesota...


I now live in Bloomington, MN (yes, in the Twin Cities, near the Mall of America). The rest of my immediate family lives in Grand Rapids, MN. I'm working for a company called "SoftBrands Manufacturing" (formerly "Fourth Shift") doing Visual C++ and Visual Basic programming.

Since I have moved here I have ported TechnoVenture to PC. There's a DOS version and a Windows (DirectX) version available at the TechnoVenture homepage. After TechnoVenture I started the first planning/work that led to The Scrolling Game Development Kit more on that in a bit.

While in Minnesota I've picked up the hobby of juggling pins and then juggling flaming torches. I've also picked up some other enjoyable things: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X; a Playstation 2; a Roland XP-60 synthesizer; oh, and of course my current computer. I have a Dell Dimension 8300 (2.6 GHz) and a 21" monitor. It's got a CDRW-DVD drive and a Sound Blaster Audigy 2. My Micron PII 450MHz system was relegated to the task of serving as my Linux server when I got this system last October (2003). I've continued to write music using Voyetra MIDI Orchestrator and CakeWalk Express Gold. My most recent composition was created in conjunction with the Roland Synthesizer. All my latest music used to be available at, but they kinda don't exist any more. So for the time being, I don't have a host for my music. Other miscellaneous things I have done are available at my personal homepage. You'll probably find this page more up-to-date than that page, however.

I've been with SoftBrands/Fourth Shift for four years now gaining experience and skills in programming with various technologies: VB, VC, C#, VB.NET, HTML, XML, XSL, COM, SQL Server, MMC, JavaScript, VBScript, and then some. Meanwhile, at home I was working on BMDXCtls (a component of GameDev). And after that was done, I started work on some VB program (1999 I think). I wasn't quite sure what it would turn out to be, but it was going to use BMDXCtls and have a graphics editor and a map editor. And this is what led to GameDev, initially released in September 2000.

Benjamin Marty /

Last Updated February 8, 2004