Scrolling Game Development Kit Scripting Reference

The scrolling Game Development Kit supports VBScript as a scripting language that can be used to customize how GameDev runs and edits games. There is far more information than I alone can fully document, but I have come up with a couple useful documents that I hope will get people started on the path to scripting within the GameDev environment:

Scripting Docutorial

This document is targeted at people who have some experience or knowledge about programming and scripting and need a starting point for understanding scripting in GameDev. It doesn't come close to covering all aspects of GameDev scripting, but it should help you get started. It should convey an understanding of the basics and provide some interesting details too.

Scripting Quick Reference

This document lists every property and method of every object exposed by GameDev. A quick scan of this file should make it clear why fully documenting GameDev's scripting support would be such a monumental task. But at least this document give a one-line description of every available function and property exposed by every object of GameDev. This is my first reference that I use frequently when writing scripts myself, and should by the first reference for most GameDev script writers. FYI, my second reference is the GameDev source code itself.