Scrolling Game Development Kit UI Help  

Make Shortcut

In the file menu (or as a shortcut button on the toolbar) you will find a "Make Shortcut" command. This is handy if you want to create in icon that executes the appropriate command line to play your project outside of the GameDev development environment. It could come in handy if you need to find out the proper command line to use when editing an NSI script created by the install packager.

There are a few parameters involved in creating a shortcut:

After entering all the parameters, clicking OK will create the shortcut on the desktop and close the dialog. When you open the shortcut, it will start up GameDev in playback mode, load the specified project, play the game (or run the script) and then exit. There is no opportunity to edit the game project during this sequence.

The shortcut depends on the absolute path of GameDev.exe and the GDP file so it may not be reasonable to copy this shortcut to play the game on other systems, unless you had the other system(s) in mind when specifying the paths to GameDev.exe and the GDP file.

Some systems appear to have problems creating shortcuts. If you would like to construct a command line manually, use this format:

GDPlay.exe MyProject.gdp /p MyScript.vbs /d 16

If you don't have a script, leave out the *.vbs file reference after the "/p" switch. (Keep the "/p" itself in order to instruct GameDev to play the game after it is loaded.) If you want to use the default screen depth, leave off the "/d" and the display depth parameter. Full path names should be used when specifying a GDP filename and a VBS filename. GDPlay.exe can be substituted with GameDev.exe. GDPlay.exe is a stripped down version of GameDev.exe without game editing features.