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Copyright ©2000-2005 Benjamin Marty
Distributed under the GNU General Public License


Download the Latest 1.x Install Now (See also Version 2)

(Version 1.4.6 available since June 12, 2005)
(Note: The default download now links to the installer that does not include VB runtime files. If you run an old version of Windows, you might need to go to the complete listing and get the full installer.)

  • All downloads and versions are available from the GameDev Project Files on SourceForge.
  • You can also get the full 1.4.6 installation at (recommended if you want the installer without VB runtime files, but the main download link above is too slow or currently inaccessible).

The install packager is part of the main GameDev distribution. It will assist you in creating an NSI file that can be used with the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System to create a stand-alone install package containing all the files necessary to install and run a GameDev game on another machine. Note that the install packager has been designed for NSIS version 2.0 and it may not work with newer versions. I think it works with 2.0.6, but have heard reports that it doesn't work with some versions unless you alter the generated script (I suspect this was 2.0.7 where the problem was introduced, but haven't verified).


Graphics for use with the Scrolling Game Development Kit come in many forms. There is a main graphics library, extensions and additional releases for the library, and other third party libraries. The main graphics library includes a collection of graphics designed specifically for the Scrolling Game Development Kit. They have been collected from myself and others who wished to contribute to the library. Any additions to the library are being released in their own packages so you can selectively choose what kind of graphics to download. And graphics libraries with their own web sites will be linked appropriately so you can read more about them and see current update information before downloading.
  • Download the Main Graphics Library (1 MB)
  • Super Happy Fun Land (99 KB) Orionpax offers this clean and self-contained set of graphics to extend the library.
  • SpriteLib GPL Ari Feldman generously provides his famous graphics library now available under the terms of an Open Source license (as of 11/8/2004). You may have to fiddle around with these graphics to use them in your game since this is a general graphics library not designed specifically for this kit. SpriteLib has been updated and includes some new graphics oriented around platform games, as well as many other updates.
  • Basic3D (15 KB) SmartBoy16 provides this sample project with graphics and maps demonstrating an isometric view where the tiles on the map appear to be 3D blocks with some depth.

Game Project Downloads

If you're looking for games created with the kit, look here.

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Last Updated July 27, 2007