Scrolling Game Development Kit UI Help  

Controller Configuration

This dialog allows you to define which keys are used to control sprites set to be controlled by "Input device". To specify a key for the given field, set focus to that field with the tab key or the mouse, then press the key. Some keys may not be usable at all (for instance the tab key), but most are. Some keys, instead of displaying the name of the key will display the code associated with the key, but that key will, nevertheless, function normally.

In versions of GameDev before 1.4, only the first button was intrinsically supported by GameDev functionality. The other buttons could be detected and reacted to only from within script code. But as of version 1.4, any of the keys defined in this dialog can be the basis for triggering a special function by setting appropriate parameters in the "Action Parameters" sub-tab of the Special Functions tab of the maps dialog.

Checking the "Enable Joystick" box allows the directions of the joystick to also affect the "input device". The state of the "input device" as sprites see it is a combination of the keyboard and the state of the joystick when this box is checked. Currently, the joy stick cannot be further configured, and the directions do exactly the same thing as the keys mapped to the four directions.

These settings are saved in the GDP project file.