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The Full Screen Map Editor

This is part of a series of pages describing the Edit Maps Dialog. This page describes the Full Screen Map Editor.

The full screen map editor has a very simplified user interface (because user interface implementation is not so easy when every detail must be handled manually). The map is presented according to the map display parameters set for the map. Moving the mouse pointer to the edges of the screen will scroll the map. As the mouse moves, the currently selected tile or TileMatch draws itself on the current layer as it would if you clicked the mouse to change that layer. The coordinates of this tile are indicated at the top left corner of the screen. You can only edit one layer at a time. To switch to editing another layer you must exit the full screen editor, select a new layer and click Edit.

Some keys you can use while editing the map:

Holding the right mouse button will present the menu. This is where you can either select a new tile or another command to perform within the full screen map editor. If the tileset is taller than the screen, moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen while holding the right mouse button will scroll down to display more tiles. The following describes each of the commands:

That wraps up about everything there is to know about the full screen map editor.