Scrolling Game Development Kit UI Help  

Multimedia Manager

This dialog can be used to include media clips in the project and to assign these media clips to background music for maps and sound effects for special functions.

To add a new clip:

The "Assign Media" tab allows you to associate media clips with certain aspects of the game. To set the background music for a particular map, select the map from the "Maps" dropdown list, then select the clip that should play as background music for that map. The path is relative to the path of the GDP file.

The other aspect to which a multimedia clip can be assigned is a special function. A special function can cause a media clip to start playing or stop playing, or it can change the media associated with the background music clip. To assign a media clip to a special function, select the function from the list. Then select "Play clip" or "Stop clip" and pick a media clip from the "Function media clip" dropdown list. Changes take effect immediately and do not need to be applied.

When a clip is stopped, if its "Keep loaded" attribute is set, it will remember it's current position and resume playing from the same position when the clip is played again. If "Keep loaded" is not set, the clip will be completely unloaded from memory and, if played again, will be reloaded and started from the beginning.

Changing the background music is a bit different. The background music does not change from one clip to another clip, but instead changes the media associated with the clip set as the "Background music" clip. So when a function is set to change the background music it requires a filename rather than a clip name. When the function is activated the current background music will fade out, the new media file will be loaded, and the new background music will start. This all happens without changing the clip associated with the map's "Background music" attribute.

All media clip information (except the clip itself, which is its own media file) is stored in the project file. A special function's reference to a media clip, however is stored in the map with the special function itself. This is one of the many reasons the GDP file and the MAP files need to be in sync.

As of version 1.2 there are a couple other events with which media clips can be associated. A collision definition can trigger a media clip to play, as can a player map interaction. These associations are stored in the MAP file. Rather than defining these in the media clips dialog, they are defined in their respective dialogs.