Scrolling Game Development Kit UI Help  

Managing Tile Matching

This simple dialog allows you to access all the tile matching definitions ("Tilematch" objects) in the project. It is used for high level management of Tilematch objects: deleting, renaming, opening and creating. The actual definition of these Tilematches are done in the Define Tile Matching dialog.

Click on a tileset to display the Tilematch objects defined for the tileset. Clicking the Create button will create a new definition for that tileset and open the editor to define the Tilematch object. Edit will open the selected tilematch object (from the list at the bottom) in the Define Tile Matching dialog. The Delete button will immediately delete the definition from the project. And finally the Rename button allows you to change the name of the selected Tilematch object.

A shortcut to edit an existing Tilematch object is to double-click the Tilematch in the tree in the main project window (or right-click and select "Go to Item".

You can use this dialog to determine exactly which Tilematches will be available in the full screen map editor. If you determine which tileset is referenced by the layer you want to edit in the editor, you can click that tileset in this dialog and see all the Tilematch objects associated with it.