Scrolling Game Development Kit UI Help  

Technical Support and Contact Information

The Scrolling Game Development Kit has a web site at It is also an open source project maintained on the web at (the same site that hosts the main web site). The open source web site has places to report bugs, ask questions, download the latest code and so forth. If you are unable to contact the web site, the author can be contacted via e-mail directly at

If you would like to contact the author of The Scrolling Game Development Kit for any other reason, feel free to e-mail at This is my address and I was responsible for all aspects of GameDev: the design and development of GameDev, supporting DLL's (BMDXCtls.dll and ScrHost.dll), the tutorial, all documentation (as of this writing) and the content of the web site.

For support on VBScript, see Scripting support in GameDev is not currently fully documented, but I will be happy to answer specific questions at the open source web site, or if neccessary, directly to my e-mail address. To learn more about scripting in GameDev, you can: